Any hotel must adhere to certain cleanliness and hygienic standards. In addition to being unsightly, hotels that lack proper cleaning could put both visitors and staff at risk for health and safety issues. Hotel housekeeping managers supervise the staff members responsible for maintaining the common areas outside of the guest rooms.

Position Description

The housekeeping department’s operations are supervised by a housekeeping manager (домоуправител). Typical job duties include:

  • Hiring and educating employees
  • Creating employee schedules
  • Buying cleaning supplies and tools
  • Assisting hotel guests with specific housekeeping requirements
  • Working with other hotel department managers to coordinate housekeeping requirements
  • Completing cleaning tasks when employees fail to show up for work or when the team is understaffed

cleaning tasks at the right time Sector

Motels, hotels, and resorts, which are typically well-lit and climate-controlled, employ housekeeping managers. Since most hotels are opening around-the-clock, every day of the year, some managers may need to work evening or weekend shifts. A housekeeping manager would at least occasionally conduct business from a hotel office where they would plan schedules, hire staff, and handle other tasks. She might also need to spend time overseeing and training staff, conducting inspections, and coordinating with other hotel managers and executives in other parts of the hotel.

What Does a Manager of Housekeeping Do?

A housekeeping manager is in charge of making sure the lobby, guest rooms, and any other public areas are clean in a hospital or hotel. In this job, your responsibilities include hiring, training, and supervising additional housekeeping staff. You’ll also need to give them tasks and evaluate their performance. Other duties of the housekeeping manager include creating budgets for your division, making sure that cleaning supplies are available, and handling customer service issues from visitors. Normally, you answer to the general manager or facilities manager.

Starting with a high school diploma or GED, you need a variety of educational and professional credentials to work as a housekeeping manager. To become a manager, you must have several years of experience working on a housekeeping staff or in the hospitality sector. You should exhibit strong managerial and leadership abilities while working as a housekeeper and take on additional duties. Understanding of finances, budgets, and HR procedures is also beneficial. Also crucial are effective verbal and customer service skills.