Finding The Best Housekeepers

To attract new customers and keep existing ones, hotels must offer high quality services. Today, people don’t just want to spend the night in a hotel, but also feel at home. Staff hospitality, excellent cuisine, first -rate cleaning services and friendly reception staff are what each customer wants to find in a hotel. They say what can be measured can be improved. This is quite true for the hotel industry where competition is really crazy. Indeed, in order to improve performance and plan the future, it is essential to be aware of current домоуправител performance. Each hotel that aspires to succeed must have strategic plans and a vision. To monitor the implementation of the strategy, hotel directors and owners need reliable and effective performance assessment and strategic management, such as the balanced dashboard, which is widely used in various industries.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Housekeeping

As mentioned above, cleaning services are extremely important, especially for five-star hotels. Customers want to sleep in clean beds, take a shower in clean bathrooms and go back to a clean hotel costume when they leave. домоуправител is perhaps the strongest association with a hotel. Cleaning efficiency can be measured in several ways. The assessment of customer comments is one of them. However, opinions tell us what has already happened or what has not happened, and the best hotel directors need information on current cleaning performance. This is where the balanced dashboard comes into play.

As you know, the balanced dashboard is used to assess key performance indicators, which are measures that represent critical success factors for various aspects of the company. When we talk about cleaning, we must choose the most important KPIs linked to cleaning and cleaning services.

Finding The Best Housekeepers

Take an indicator of efficiency as basic as the number of rooms per maid. It may happen that a housekeeping assistant takes care of too many hotel combinations, which negatively affects the quality of cleaning services. If this is the case, the human resources service of the mansion should hire additional cleaning staff. Conversely, a домоуправител assistant can see that he regularly cleans only a few costumes and can manage more work.

Laundry services should also be properly priced. Sleeping in dirty sheets is definitely a bad idea. Key performance indicators such as changes in bed linen by pass, requests for guests for linen changes, etc. can be assessed. The regular vacuum cleaner is also important and must therefore be measured. The same goes for all other household procedures.