Ask anyone passionate about a particular sport or hobby, and they will tell you that you need the correct gear to begin, and a cyclist needs a decent bike and helmet. They don’t tell you in advance what things matter, what makes you feel a part of them, like knowing where everyone goes for their caffeine after a Sunday morning trip or how to get to the best golf course.

The same can be said for anyone addicted to wine or who takes it seriously.

Knowing how you get the most out of your wine is important. There is a list of tips, ideas, and equipment for any established wine lover. If you can’t verify each of them, you’re not getting the most out of that, and heck, you’re missing out.

Wine education, expand your knowledge of wine. Major newspapers regularly publish wine recommendation articles, so give them a try and see what you think. There is no right or wrong; it only matters what you like to drink. You can also take a wine course for a little fun or plan the biggest wine festival in Australia.

Then, meet a reputable wine seller and introduce yourself to someone with extensive local and foreign wines knowledge. Buy a bottle or two and share your opinion of the wine they recommend. If you like something and you will get better over time, buy a half dozen for a basement peek.

biggest wine festival in Australia

When visiting the wineries, try several wines right outside the cellar doors, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Again, you can buy a bottle or two of what you like and subscribe to their mailing list if you love their wines.

Many wine racks on the market are ideal for all of the above but don’t keep the wines that you plan to keep in your cellar for a long time. Bottle racks are ideal for short-term drinks. The display case at home is suitable for short-term storage of wine, wines you intend to drink within a couple of months.

Wine storage. Start a winery and keep good records. There is probably no greater satisfaction for a wine enthusiast than opening a bottle of wine stored for several years. Assuming it is a decent wine, the quality of the wine after storage will largely depend on how and where it was placed in the cellar.

Ideal storage conditions for wine include a constant low temperature, high humidity, little vibration, minimal lighting, and good air circulation. So having wine at home doesn’t help.


You have options to store things professionally, in a good wine cabinet or wine cellar, as they are more commonly called, or build your wine cellar. Of course, each option depends on several factors, and each has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to do your research to determine the best option.