There are several steps from the time you have planned to buy a new TV or wanted to renovate your TV unit which has to be done with expertise so that there wouldn’t be any hassle or issue. The most important thing that has to be taken into consideration is to look for the proper and appropriate place to fix up the TV. There are in general two choices for placing the TV, either stand mounting or wall mounting. In general, table mounting involves putting the TV on the flat service and usually on a TV stand or a table of certain moderate height and this will raise a TV to a level that is reasonable to watch. The TV which is available in the recent days are flat-screen televisions and come along with the best stand for holding the TV steady and upright. If you’re looking for such wall mounting experts and services check the following link,

Wall mount the television in a perfect way

 Stand mounting Or wall mounting is recommended at places in case of the bigger TV Or a smaller one which occupies space and depending on the space it accommodates on a table or a flat surface and also the height of viewing will be dependent on the stand height. And in cases, there may be accidents that can happen when it doesn’t have proper support and can fall with an accidental push that would damage the television, or also anyone might get hurt. So, it is always suggested to place and fix the tv properly and perfectly with an expert.

Wall mounting the TV will be the most advantages as it saves a lot of space and also attractive and alluring. It gives more flexibility and also can choose where and how high on the wall The TV should be placed. Such wall mounting can be done with the help of expert or professionals and minimize the time and effort which you may DIY.

The Hang My TV professionals and specialists does the work with expertise and these service providers has an experience of 15 years and has mounted more than 8k TVs with more than 4K happy customers. The packages for wall mounting start from 249 dollars and you can book the services online.

The TV wall Mount packages, Melbourne and Brisbane installation start with the following package

Standard flat TV wall mount package with two $249.00 which includes

  • Conduction of the site survey for the appropriate placement of the television
  • Unboxing the television
  • Mounting the TV to the flat wall bracket when the bracket is not included
  • Secured and leveled television
  • Connecting the device sources
  • Tuning in the TV
  • Basic cleanup of the area of work
  • Customer orientation along with the guarantee of the work.


There is another package name does the standard pivot wall Mount package which is the same as that of the previous one and it costs $249 and the only difference is that the television is wall mounted to pivot wall bracket and all other work is the same. In the same way, there are other packages which include the table TV Mount installation package which comes with the $150 and there is a ceiling TV Mount installation package.