It has different kinds of lifts in the transportation and logistics industry. And people are working in different types of machinery. It doesn’t matter whether you are new in this industry or you are working in a building that uses a forklift. Although you have no idea how to use the machines. When you are interested there is a forklift hire in brisbane & queensland. You can use these guidelines to help you to know the common types of lifts that you will encounter.

The counterbalance lift

The type of lift that is mostly used by people. It has forks in front of the machine and it is made that has weight in the back to balance the load in front. The counterbalance lift is easy to use because there are no long arms. You can easily drive it to the rack. This lift is also available in propane, diesel, or electricity.

The reach lift

The reach lift is sometimes used in a warehouse and it is only used for indoor work. This lift can reach past the machine, the racks and it has better-supporting legs. They often use this because other lifts cannot reach a higher height. To make everything balanced, the legs are the support system of the machine. It is to avoid any unnecessary balance. The most used machine is the double reach machine. It can stretch the forks that can reach a level that standard forks cannot. And it can get two pallets from the same place.

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The walkie truck

The walkie truck is better known as the Electric pallet truck. The walkies have the operator at the back of the truck. It is used to lift heavier pallets, easy to move in small spaces, and can move all the pallets. This machine is being controlled by a hand throttle. It is to give the operator the chance to move the front, back and to stop it quickly. There are also different kinds of walkies. It has double walkie trucks that also have the same long forks that make you move two pallets at the same time.

The cherry picker

It is the most used machine that can pick orders. This lift is also known as the Order picker and it is the best tool for effective order picking. When the operator is doing the raise and lower movement while they are operating the lift.

The Dockstocker Lift

The dock stocker is another type of counterbalanced truck. It can let the operator sit down or stand up while moving the machine. The machine is weighed down which is the same in counterbalance. There is a weight at the back of the machine so they can load the forks in the front without getting into any trouble.