After the dust has settled from 4 jam-packed days in Vegas, we are reflecting on the newest trends in fintech invention from Money2020. Year after year, fintech slogans and phrases permeate the conference’s content tracks plus keynotes; but what does all that jargon truly mean? In this post, we are unpacking the sayings from Money2020 and providing a guide on how to effectively apply those themes to your business.

Theme 1

 High Tech, High Touch

Translation: As banking technology continues to progress, financial services should meld flawlessly into client’s lives and bridge their finest technology offerings and human contact together. It is significant to understand what your customers want and requisite at diverse moments in their financial trips, and recognize before a tech-first, versus human-first approach, would best serve your clientele.

Theme 2

 Navigating Info Overload

Translation: Banking clienteles are faced with a growing amount of noise in their financial landscapes, plus it can be hard to navigate overloaded mobile plus web offerings for the mainstream of clienteles that only want to accomplish simple banking jobs.

The Solution: Installing a virtual assistant is the calmest way to empower your clientele to have control over their financial info. However, while it comes to conversational AI, the experience is the one right differentiator, therefore it is vital to deploy an assistant that could comprehend natural, disordered language and is capable of carrying multi-turn conversations.The Clinc AI Platform makes it easy for any member of your institute to build next-generation, enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences.

Digital Marketing with AI

Theme 3

 Personalization at Scale

Translation: Use technology toward delivering one-to-one targeted communications with your clienteles across digital channels, addressing their distinct concerns and catering to their exclusive needs.

How to Scale Personalization? Recognizing target personas and making different experiences for those clienteles allows organizations to automate exclusive experiences with a level of granularity that feels individualized for the client.

Theme 4

 Experience Optimization

Anthony Jenkins, previous CEO of Barclays plus Founder of 10x Banking said in his session “We undervalue how fast humans will change their behavior while there is a better alternate”. If banks do not seek to optimize their experiences for eventual customer satisfaction, they will rapidly lose business to those institutes that do.

Deploying a virtual assistant offers the chance to aid achieve achievement with the top 5 invention trends and slogans in financial services. The key to winning with conversational AI is to convey an experience that feels genuinely human, helps your clienteles navigate info overload, plus scales personalization.