A loan shark refers to an individual or an entity that offers loans at higher interest rates. Also, they often use violence and threat to collect their debts. Their interest rates are also well higher than initiated regular rates. Another important thing you should know about loan sharks is that organized crime members have established the lending company.

Loan shark Singapore is an excellent example of this organization. Loan Sharks also offer the borrower an interest that usually charges the typically higher interest than any other lending company. Even if you are in a severe and low credit score, loan shark lenders always have an option of lending loans.

  1. How do loan sharks operate?

A loan shark can be any individual within the professional or personal network that provides loans at excessive interest rates. They can also be located within a banked neighborhood, personal network, or through the internet. Also, the source of their income is unknown since they operate with unregistered entities and personal business.

Another basic thing about loan sharks is that they don’t require credit reports or background checks. They can give out a massive sum of money intending to gain a high-interest level within a short time. For instance, if they give out $10,000, they expect $20,000 to be paid within 30 days. They also call the debtors anytime time demanding their money back with violent actions. Acquiring loans from the loan shark group is therefore illegal. You should seek a different alternative.

  1. Key factors about Loan Sharks

There are various factors about loan sharks that you need to understand so that you don’t get attracted to their offers:

  • They lend money at significantly higher rates
  • They use threats, and violent o collect their money
  • They are always members of the crime group
  • Loan Sharks works the same as payday lenders, but Payday work legally
  1. Payday lenders vs. Loan Sharks

Other Payday lenders approach the same level as the loan sharks by offering loans at higher interest rates within a short period. However, their rates are considered legal since the common laws usually dictate higher rates a borrower may charge on every state. So, it should range to a maximum of 45%. Payday lenders are usually granted the exceptions by charging yearly interest rates that go up to 450%.

They can provide higher rates due to the special provision provided by the state government. On the other hand, Loan sharks usually charge incredibly high rates compared to the Payday lenders’ rates. Payday lenders operate legally even though they also charge a higher interest rate. Another thing that makes Payday lenders legal is that they are registered under standard credit procedure.


Many credit lenders are currently operating in the credit market mainly to provide business credit and individual loans. They provide alternative optional products compared to traditional loans. Some of these loans come with low lending standards, which make them more affordable for many borrowers. Visit loan shark Singapore’s official website and know more facts about their features.