Girls have a choice when they have their period. They can use sanitary pads or tampons. These days, the use of tampons has become more popular. But many are still afraid to use them because of the horror stories that they probably heard or have read online. Some girls believe in myths that the tampons have a tendency to fall out or may cause them to lose their virginity.

What they don’t know is that tampons are proven true and tested to be safe especially for active or for those who does not like the idea of changing their sanitary pads every hour. If you have not been using tampons, then this might be the time to give it a try and buy some at the website. Here are the reasons why you should switch to tampons soon.

Comfortable to Use

Many are scared of using tampons for the first time. Just the thought of inserting it for the first time worries them. To make sure that you properly insert the tampon, you have to relax and follow the instructions on the packaging. And once it’s inserted, it’s as if you are not wearing anything. In case you can still feel it, then there’s a possibility that you have not inserted it correctly. It’s normal for not getting it right the first time. But still, a tampon will never get stuck or get lost in your body even if you have inserted it too far.

Prevents Underwear Stain

Others also prefer to use tampons because unlike the sanitary pads, tampons are made of cotton. They are designed to absorb your period as long as they are inserted properly. It should also not be too full or else it will leak on your underwear. But they are proven that they do not shift even when you move a lot. This reduces the chances of staining your underwear, which you will likely experience when using napkins.

Best For Sports

If you are an athlete you need to feel comfortable and to be able to move with ease even when  on your period. And using tampons can guarantee you with that. Unlike santiary pads or towel, a tampon can make you feel comfortable even when you are doing active sports. In fact, you can swim with a tampon on and no leaking will ever happen.

No Uneasy Wet Feeling

Tampons are directly inserted into the womans’ sex organ. So even during a heavy flow, there will be no wet feeling. No matter how busy you become during the day, it would not feel as if you are wearing something, unlike what you will experience when wearing a sanitary pad. You can move freely without having to worry about possible accidents.

When it comes to what’s the best way to manage monthly periods, for sure women have their own preferences. Comfort should always be prioritized and that is what tampon can give you. But remember that you need to pick the right size based on your flow.