Interestingly, the fashion trend has gone beyond our expectation since we now have incredibly designed men’s thongs. You might be surprised to see some strange jockstrap innerwear, but they’ve been used before in many native cultures even though they have never been widely distributed.

Since ancient times men have been wearing thongs and one of them was a simple loincloth thong. However, in current times, loincloth design innovation has been twisted slightly to create the latest thong design in different shapes, colours, and sizes that are as interesting as men wear them.

Men’s thong evolution

Surprisingly, modern men prefer greater acknowledgement of their underwear through the latest design and styles that women mostly enjoy. The newest fashionable men’s inner wears are constantly manufactured with bearing a metro man in mind. These designs may look like women’s bikini since they have been designed with tight-fitting crotch cropped at the front covering men’s private area decently.

Men can look gorgeous in any type of swimwear, especially those who compete in a swimming challenge, particularly in underwear types that will offer them comfort and positively influence their performance. The material that is typically used to make swimwear is thin covering man’s waist, designed with an extension around the buttocks for complete rear exposure. It can also be a rear thin strap style or even a G-string style and design for men’s thongs.

Comfort and style

As far as men’s thong is concerned, comfort and style are typically two major considerations in their wear and design. No one can compromise these two factors since they wear completely feel at ease with this type of garment. It can be therefore sensual even though often they are not publicly viewed except in designs.

This type of innerwear makes men feel comfortable and free in the movement that increased their macho confidence. Therefore, a metro men’s innerwear should always be in men’s wardrobe. Bodybuilders and models should take advantage of men’s innerwear of different designs, shapes and styles to offer themselves an edge on top of their competition.

Jockstraps innerwear design

If necessary, men’s body should be exposed fully with jockstrap innerwear design that covers the private areas. That’s why most bodybuilders usually prefer various designs of men’s innerwear of shapes, styles and designs.

Individual preferences

Men’s thongs can sometimes be designed with personal design in such that every piece reflects the wearer’s personality. These make showcase their body to their best advantage. There are wide varieties of thongs based on designs, brands, styles, patterns, colors and materials. Hence, if you prefer wearing both girdle and jockstrap, wear a jock under a girdle. Nuwear also is another innerwear that has grown into a worldwide clothing retailer and manufacturer.