About his life

Alexei Orlov is the founder and the CEO of the holding group MTM choice; it is a team of intelligent practitioners who follow precision in brand activation and optimizing media. Supported by marketing technologies, they help brands seek the tagline “moment that matters” for their consumers.

With experience of 30 years, travelled around 40 countries, and worked with 50 brands, he is committed solely to his business life being a leader in global marketing. He is a proven specialist in developing brand strategies and building operations. He has been dynamic and passionate in his life, and that has been a driving force to motivate him in his career.


After spending 20 years in the business leadership industry, he came up with MTM choice worldwide, a boutique holding group in 2017. They have their firms based in many countries, namely Milan, Los Angeles, London, and New York.

Not everyone is, but he was very successful in his life, practising leadership for global marketing. In 2018, the group even raised $30 million to seek two acquisitions and further move into building more.

MTM is designing three platforms, and now they are currently servicing over 150 domestic and international clients.

Alexie Orlov:- The name that signifies success!

Early life

Before finding MTM, he was a senior advisor for the CEO of DAS, a division of the Omnicom Group. Across China and ASEAN, he was performing his marketing and brand positioning for Volkswagen brand portfolios. He was also jointly responsible for the regional business of Volkswagen when he was working in the Executive team of the company.

Coming on to Volvo Cars, he was the global brand communicator and director of marketing of Volvo UK. This was one of the second largest companies to build sales for the parent corporation. He was also the founder of MCW and ROCQM, which specialized in brand strategy. In addition, he was the director of the company Avon, being the youngest executive being appointed at this position.

Alexei Orlov was the person to find Paperchase Retail Group, where he was keen about his passion for brand and communications, and it started there.

Summing up

This man that he was going to be a priest in the church. He always wanted to be called a leader, so he took up a leadership role at the church. It was meant to pursue this field. He helped people find their spiritual ways, and this journey didn’t go to waste. Priesthood gives the power to the person to deal with difficult leadership issues. This marketing specialist believed that this education of his was the perfect catch for his career.