Fascia is one of the most recent debates among scientists. There are a lot of confusions about the term fascia. However, it’s widely accepted that fascia is a continuous layer of connective tissue that covers all the muscles and bones. The nature of fascia helps the body parts move. But when the tissue becomes tight it causes pain and cellulite. This makes the fascia treatment increased in popularity in recent years. One of the popular treatment is a fascia manipulation technique that aims to loosen the fascia. The method is known to be fascia blasting that uses FasciaBlastertool designed to reduce pain and cellulite.

Understand how fascia blasting works:

When it comes to the relation between fascia and cellulite many people do not agree that fascia plays a huge role in the development of cellulite. The fibrous bands pull down the many parts of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes dimpled as fat cells collect between the bands. The research has shown that women with cellulite have weakness in the dermis and connective tissues. So, to disappear the cellulite one popular choice these days is fascia blasting.

For this method, you have a tool named FasciaBlaster that is invented by Ashley Black. The tool looks like a long stick with little claws attached to it. It is the most popular device, but considering its reach many companies started making similar products. You can use the tool for massaging all over the body.

There are several ways to use the tool. First, warm up your body and apply some oil on the area. Gently rub the fascia using the device on the skin in a scrubbing motion. If you’re new to the device, then use it only for a few minutes and see the results. Once you have done a massage, it is good to take a cold shower and drink a lot of water after the procedure.