There are many types of edge profiles that are popular today. One tool that makes granite child’s profiling is the diamond profiling wheel. Regardless of which edge profile you choose for your pro stone countertops, this diamond profile wheel will work without damaging the surface.

The most popular edge profile is 1⁄2-inch bullnose, although people choose a 1⁄2-inch bevel, 3’4-inch bevel, and even a straight edge profile. With the help of diamond radius profile wheels, you can select the desired edge profile in your worktop depending on your safety and work needs. However, you need to find the perfect bit for your diamond profile wheel so that counter edge profiling can be easily and efficiently performed.

Stadea profiling bits are highly efficient and very durable.

There are many companies that produce hand profile bits for diamond profile wheels. Stadea diamond tools are recognized by professionals as the best for their ease of use and high efficiency. Their pieces are also quite hard and will not damage expensive surfaces that need to be profiled. These pieces easily fit into the diamond wheel, creating a semi-circular profile with a half radius that looks elegant and enhances any kitchen decor. These bits are very versatile and help create not only edge profiles But in granite But on other surfaces like marble, tile, terrazzo, and even concrete.

V 40 1 ½ ” bits 40 mm

The V 40 1 1⁄2 ” 40mm bit is one of two granite profile drills produced by Stadea.It is a versatile tool capable of creating a flawless edge in both dry and wet profiling.It has a 5/8 ” threaded rod. 11 or M14 that can easily be attached to your diamond profile wheel. It can create the desired edge with the very low speed of the sander. It can also be used with dampened stone polishers.The holes on the profile wheels ensure a constant water flow to keep surfaces cool at all times. Using vacuum soldering technology which ensures durability and can be used after a project. Bit very aggressive and easily profiled. It’s also extremely durable and will last a very long time.

B5 3/16 inches, 5mm

For a special article for completing a complete bullnose edge profiling, you can purchase a 3/16 inch, 5mm Stadea B5 profile bit.The diamond wheel you use is a professional way to create smooth edges in the style you want. It helps in forming faster while ensuring the safety of expensive granite slabs.The optimal RPM for edge profiling with this tool is 1500, although you can safely get up to 3000 rpm during the Short time