He is well known as an experience advisor to a widespread set of companies across the world by coaching and enhancing leadership teams to work through brands, communication and operational challenges. He plays a greater role in advising trading companies to think critically and employ unique advantages in     ferocious and chaotic trading environments. Every company that Alexei Orlov worked in progressed financially.

What drives Alexei Orlov to excel in the global market?

 His ladder to entrepreneur achievement was not an easy task to think about Instead, he begun by laying the groundwork foundation and progress gradually until he earns the professional title he has today. He believes in the persistence and patience while on the journey of global prosperity. He was also transferring the knowledge and skills acquired from one company to contribute to the success of another company that he joins.  Alexei Orlov leadership and professional skills even earn him a bigger title when he was young.  For instance, he became the youngest marketing director at Avon.


At the commencement of his business career, he started at a low position which propels him to develop advanced professional skills that earned him high profile position in different companies.  His passion and persistent to deliver drives him to excel even higher. He was given awards two consecutive years by the Word Brand Congress. He is believed   to possess a wide variety of skills and experience in the global market. His leadership skills earned him bigger higher managerial positions and even proactively starting his own branding companies. For example, he was the owner of ROCQM and MCW which he sold and earned higher profits. His persistence enables him to start his own company and impacted the life of others. His company has been accepted globally and is servicing more than 150 people both locally and international. He was also impacting entrepreneurships knowledge to other people and companies who are facing business challenges. Currently, he is advising a number of companies’ globally.