Percolator bongs are one of the most popular smoking devices among smokers, and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a smoother, cleaner smoking experience than many other bongs. We’ll discuss ten reasons why percolator bongs are the best bongs for your smoking needs.

  1. Great Design: percolator bongs come in a variety of designs, from simple and classic to ornate and complex. Whether you’re looking for a bong that fits in with your decor or one that stands out, you’re sure to find a percolator bong that fits your style.
  2. Smoother Hits: Percolator bongs are designed to filter and cool smoke as it passes through the water chamber. This results in a much smoother hit than other bongs, which can be harsh and irritating on the throat.
  3. Cleaner Smokes: The filtering and cooling process of percolator bongs also helps to remove toxins and impurities from the smoke, resulting in a much cleaner and healthier smoking experience.
  4. Easier to Maintain: Percolator bongs are much easier to maintain than other bongs. The water does a lot of the work in filtering out particulates and impurities, so you don’t have to clean as often.
  5. More Cost-Effective: It can be expensive to buy a quality bong. However, percolator bongs are usually much more cost-effective than other types of bongs, as they are often less expensive and require less maintenance.
  6. More Flavourful Hits: Percolator bongs help to cool and filter the smoke, which helps to bring out the flavours of the herbs used. This makes for much more flavourful hits than other bongs.

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  1. Variety of Percolators: bongs with percolators are come with a variety of different types of percolators, which can help to further filter and cool the smoke for an even smoother hit.
  2. Easy to Use: Percolator bongs are generally easier to use than other bongs, as they require less setup and maintenance. In terms of the smoking experience, percolator bongs are known for producing smoother and cooler hits than traditional bongs. This is because the percolators create additional bubbles which help to filter and cool down the smoke.
  3. Durable: It is made of high-quality materials, which makes them much more durable than other bongs. They are also less likely to break if dropped.
  4. Versatile: It can be used with a variety of herbs, making them great for experimentation and exploring new flavours and experiences.


Percolator bongs are the perfect choice for smokers who are looking for a smoother, cleaner experience and more flavourful hits. They are also much more cost-effective and easier to maintain than other bongs. With all of these great benefits, it’s no wonder that percolator bongs are so popular among smokers.