The year 2003 was the year in which Mark Roberts, a.k.a. began working on the development of Miami’s downtown sector with Arthur Falcone, who was also a partner in the firm. His reference was to the growth of the Park West District, which is today known as the Park West neighborhood. Marc Roberts Miami has a great history as well.

A history

The highways 95 and 395 east and south, as well as their interchanges, were strategically placed in a development-friendly area. A diverse collection of premium hotels and dynamic neighborhoods will be built in order to transform Miami into a global cultural hub.

During that time period, more than 1,000 freight trucks passed through the area every day. There was no way it could happen unless someone poured money into it. But someone did. According to Mark Roberts, it would be advantageous for him to construct a port on the summits of these pillars. There had been a significant amount of development in these particular areas. Because of this, luxury condominiums such as Marina Bleu, the Alf Museum, and 900 Biscayne began to pop up throughout the city. Underutilized plots may be transformed into beautiful homes, according to Roberts, who saw the opportunity in employing innovative building techniques.

Marc Roberts Miami

As soon as Roberts learned about the proposed new tunnel, he became enthused. He made the decision to take a chance because he had heard so much about the construction of tunnels and the establishment of new government buildings. At the time, he was completely unaware of the train station’s existence. This was more than just a thought experiment, to be honest. Roberts pooled land from 2003 until 2008, when the claims were verified, and the construction projects began to be completed. Arthur Falcon had gathered a $100 million investment from him by the time the year 2008 came around. As a financial tsunami crashed over Miami, everything had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Suddenly, the seemingly unthinkable occurred.