Consumption of cannibal oil or resin has become very common nowadays. That is why it is not surprising that new product is coming every day to serve smokers. Many devices are coming to help smokers in their process of dabbing, and they are doing what they are made for. E Rig Vaporizer is one of the products, which is getting famous after normal dab rigs. There are two types of products used for dabbing – dab rigs and e-dab rigs. As this article is all about this product, we have to learn about what it is.

What is a dab rig?

Before moving to the electronic version of this product, we should know about the dab rig. People have been using this product for wax consumption for a long time. It is a piece of glass that is heavy and contains water inside it. This glass rig has an open mouth on one end and a joint on the another. The water is to filter out the vapors and cools them down to enhance the experience of the smoker. Then comes the banger, which is on top of the joint. It contains the main content inside it. The banger is heated up, and the wax available inside will be vaporized. There might be other dab tools for other uses.

What is an E-dab rig?

Since we have learned about the dab rig, we should discuss the E Rig vaporizer. As the word E is for electronic, its name suggests that it is an electronic version of a dab rig. It is almost the same as the traditional dab rig, but modification has been done to it. Its base is almost the same and also made with high-quality glass. However, there is a plastic base attached to it, which has a battery inside it. The battery is used to provide power to the devices, which works on electricity. The heating element would be attached next to the battery so that it can be heated up and convert wax into vapors. There is no need to use fire in this product, as it is heated with the help of a battery.

Now we know the difference between these both products and how they work.

In conclusion, E rig vaporizers are the modernized way of dabbing. Although it is almost the same as the dab rig, there is no fire involved in using this.