Australia has the largest winery in the world and you can fit other places in it, that is how big it is. It is also the reason they are producing great qualities of wines especially in Margaret River. When you want to taste the best wine it is mostly on the southern side of the country. In every place, there is distinct weather to produce great wines. To have great quality wines better understand the geography of the place. You will know the best wine estates located in Australia.

South Australia

South Australia is known for being a heavyweight wine state. Why? As they have the highest number of producing wines in the country and they are still making the oldest vines compared to other places. They have a hot climate which is perfect for the grapes to be fully grown, concentrated, and dense wines. The Barossa Valley has the richest history of bush-trained vines, of which this place is the first red wine region. Shiraz is the star but cabernet sauvignon,  grenache n mourvèdre are also the best. Under this South Australia, there are also great vineyards that you need to know.

  • Clare Valley

Clare Valley also portrays Australia as being the top for riesling. This place has an elevated climate. It has a heavy heart that can make dry whites pure and classy. The reds are also perfect and powerful.

  • Eden Valley

Eden Valley has high hills that can produce perfect shiraz and floral Riesling.

  • Langhorne Creek

This place is being cooled by the lake and close to the sea. It is producing great quality wine at an affordable price.

  • Adelaide Hills

Adelaide hills are making the perfect ingredients for chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. They have cool hills to produce this kind of ingredient.


Tasmania is a place that has beautiful landscapes. This place is out in mainland Australia and you need to go there by boat. Aside from producing wines this place also has the finest seafood. Tasmania is a cold place that is perfect for making wine. They are producing sparkling wine, chardonnay, and riesling.

New South Wales

In this place, it is the first-ever vineyard that has been planted in the year 1788. And now this place is popular in Hunter Valley. They are producing the greatest white wines. They are known for being delicious, lemony fruit, and tense structure.


Victoria has a different level for vine growing. They have only 30% planting but they are producing more wines around the state. They have a colorful collection and grape mixtures.

  • Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is the best place for producing chardonnay and pinot noir.

  • Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is surrounded by the ocean which is why they have a cool place and are able to produce chardonnay and pinot.

  • Geelong

Geelong is a place that has a strong wind. But it has a warmer climate which is great for making chardonnay and shiraz.

  • Grampians

It is located at the end of the western state which has an altitude of 335m and has a cool climate for producing shiraz.