The Industrial applications of Sheds for Commercial Use have been expanding at a geometric rate, given the vast increase of products which need storage before wholesale or retail sale. The commercial shed may not be in the original plan of the industry, but often play a crucial role in the functionality of the company.

The Different Types

The Sheds can be classified by some major categories, which are mainly as follows:

  • Commercial Sheds: These sheds add commercial value to a business, and expand the scope of activities. These are typically as below:
  • Commercial Sheds: The modern steel/pvc shed is designed by professional companies as a functional space to add utility to the business premises of any growing business.
  • Cantilever Awnings: These are often temporary structures, but in the hands of the industry’s best practitioners, these are superbly colorful adjuncts to the open-air storage and display space of modern retailers everywhere.
  • Aircraft Hangars: These are advanced designer sheds that can house the private aircraft of any company. Generally built to 12m to 60m of clear span, the structural frames of the shed can withstand enormous wear and tear. They can protect the small aircraft for years to come.

commercial shed

  • Industrial Sheds: The Industrial Sheds are Heavy Duty designs meant for the larger businesses. They can increase both permanent storage space and manufacturing area, while taking a comparatively short gestation period. Some of the types of Industrial applications follow below:
  • Industrial Shed: This is a sturdily built semi-permanent structure which houses manufacturing activity as well as heavy warehousing.
  • Industrial Shed Extensions: These sheds lend themselves to easy extensions to augment the space available as and when required. They can be designed to suit the space size and shape actually available.
  • Industrial Warehouse Construction: The Warehouse design for industry has a heavy build of structural steel, with an eye to providing long-term warehousing of bulk materials where necessary. It also incorporates common facilities.
  • Concrete Sheds: Some Sheds are built of concrete, and are often designed as permanent structures. At the same time, pre-fabricated sheds provide rapid construction and commissioning at site. These add to the original functional space, and may need building permission from the statutory authorities.
  • Educational Sheds: These sheds are dedicated to solving space problems of Educational Institutions, and can be as follows:
  • SCOLA (School Covered Outdoor learning Areas): These are Open Air, instant, covered sheds for new classes.
  • Covered Walkways: These provide rapid set-up weather protection to staff and students during inclement weather.


The modern commercial shed is a composite semi-permanent structure that adds functionality to Industry rapidly and at very reasonable cost, in the hands of top companies such as AssetBuilding.