Google’s crawler will then find your website’s domain name in the list. It’s important to create a good domain name for a more localized website. If you sell costume jewelry, you can include your region name in the domain. For example, choosing “” as your domain name will attract more customers than just choosing. It’s the name of your website Be careful when choosing a domain name. It is possible to purchase domain names from multiple websites. Remember that in order for you to get good website traffic, there shouldn’t be multiple titles that are similar to your website.

SEO strategy

Adding ecommerce seo agency is one of the right kind of SEO strategies. If you hire a professional web designer, they’ll spread your keywords evenly across the web page instead of compressing them on the home page. Which is also called technology “Keyword Optimization” You can use Google’s tools to choose the right keywords. When choosing keywords, think from the customer’s perspective. You should know what customers put into search engines to find specific information. Search engines simply look for keywords and links, while crawling many websites that sell the same products. Therefore, it is important to use the correct keywords which should be dense throughout the page.

Regularly update content by starting a blog or forum. You can write hundreds of articles about the products you sell or feature in them. Search engines select only those websites that have added new content. Keep up with content update ideas as part of an SEO strategy. You can also submit your articles manually to article directories and search engines. Then search engines will easily select your website and display it in the top 10 list. By implementing SEO strategies like link building, everyone can get more website traffic. Provide high quality inbound links and tags on your website which will attract more visitors. Become a member of any social networking site where you can promote your products, all of these effective SEO strategies will undoubtedly increase your sales by attracting more customers.