Born on December 4, 1974, Ryan Kavanaugh went through a lot before getting to where he is right now. His life and career prove that you can achieve anything if you set your mind on it. He had a lot of dreams for someone his age when he was so much younger. People even mocked his efforts and told him to stop doing nonsense things.


His father, Jack Konitz, was a dentist born in Germany who became a businessman later on. He changed his surname to Kavanaugh before Ryan was born. His mother, Leslie Levin, is a real estate broker. His son, Tommy, is now four years old.


He got married in 1998 with makeup artist Tracy Tanner. Tracy is Ryan’s senior. After that, he married ballet dancer Britta Lazenga in 2011. Ryan and Britta divorced in 2014. His friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper threw a bachelor party for him. Ryan then married model Jessica Roffey in 2015.


Charity and philanthropy

Although Ryan is very busy with his career, he is also active in helping out charities. These include The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation in Los Angeles and The Art of Elysium. He also supports the Anti-Defamation League and he served as a Member of the Board at Cedar Sinai. His continued efforts and financial contributions helped him raise funds for various charities. He was able to add up to more than a hundred million dollars.


In 2015, Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy. When he stepped down as CEO he could have gone on a permanent vacation. His achievements are enough for him to take a well-deserved rest from the industry. But, instead of taking a break, he chose to move on and take another step further. He became the Principal of Proxima and continued with his business dealings. He did not stop investing and founding businesses. These include Critical Content and Independent Sports & Entertainment.