Every now and then, people like to watch thriller movies to have that lost feeling of suspense in watching a movie. If you are a Tamil movie lover, you will love to watch this type of aha movies. One of those thriller movies is Pothanur thabhal nilayam, which has an interesting story set in the 90s.

This is a nostalgic suspense crime drama and tells a moving story that will catch the attention of movie lovers. If you are interested in watching this Tamil movie, you need to subscribe to Aha today. In this guide, you will learn about this movie’s story.


In this movie, an ambitious young guy wants to turn into an entrepreneur and looks to find the truth behind his missing money from the post office. In the post office, his father works as a postmaster. He takes up the responsibility to help his father from being arrested by the police and to get his money back.

But soon, he realizes that going to find that huge sum of money can benefit him in one way or the other. You can watch Pothanur thabhal nilayam, one of the best Aha movies to find out if the guy can save his father’s reputation and if he can become an entrepreneur.


This story in the Kollywood film industry is set in the early 90s and revolves around a specific post office in the village of Pothanur. This is a movie that marks the debut of Praveen and can be considered a heist drama. Praveen is also the protagonist of this film and portrays a character of the same name.

This movie shows a youngster who completed his studies in computer engineering in the United States and looks to become an entrepreneur in his hometown. He soon applied for loans to pursue business plans related to computers. Soon he loses his money from the post office, and this puts his father, Venkata Raman (Jagan Krish), in great shock.

The rest of the story shows the desire of Praveen to become an entrepreneur and if he gets his money back. The beautiful thing about this movie is that it is set in a retro environment, with the soon looking to protect his father’s reputation. The performances of the actors are also great in this movie.

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