If you are watching a Telugu film, you can always expect action-packed sequences and intense, thrilling moments in almost every film. That is because Telugu audiences love to watch action-packed films with a good storyline. So even if the film has crime and courtroom scenes, you can rest assured that you will enjoy some action sequences and a brilliant plot. So if you want to watch new movies online containing a unique plot and one of the best action sequences, you should watch the film Naandhi. 

Naandhi is a Telugu crime courtroom drama that was the directorial debut for the director Vijay Kanakamedala. Satish Vegesna produced the film, and it features stars like AllariNaresh as Surya Prakash and VaralakshmiSarathkumar as Lawyer Aadhya in the leading roles. There were many supporting actors in the film such as Priyadarshi as Radha Prakash, Harish Uthaman as Kishore, Praveen as Santosh, Vinay Verma S Naagender, CVL Narasimha Rao as Lawyer Rajagopala Rao, Rajyalakshmi as CVL Narasimha Rao’s wife, SrikanthIyengar as a lawyer for Naagender and many more. SricharanPakala provided the film’s music, and Sid and Chhota K. Prasad did the cinematography and editing. This movie was released on 19 February 2021, and it was a commercial success at the box office. It is available on Telugu OTT platforms if you want to watch new movies online.

As mentioned above, Naandhi is a courtroom drama, and a lot of the film was shot inside the courtroom, police station as well as inside the prison. The film has a brilliant plot and story which concerns Surya, who is an IT employee. He was leading a very happy life. However, fate had other plans for him as he gets involved in a high-profile murder case. Although he is innocent and has no hand to play in this murder case, he is suspected of being the murderer. He is taken as an under-trial prisoner and is tortured inside the police station to get a statement out of him. He is also told that once he accepts that he had committed the crime, his punishment would be reduced to a certain extent. However, he vehemently pleads for his innocence even in the courtroom.

Despite his pleadings to be released because he is innocent, he is sentenced to imprisonment because of the lack of proof against him not being the murderer. His father keeps on stating to the media that his son was innocent; however, no one believes that Surya is an innocent person because all the proofs are against his case. However, a kind and new graduate advocate, Aadhya, comes to his rescue and takes up the case to provide justice to Surya.

If you’re looking for Telugu movies online that will provide you with a satisfactory ending and have a theme of ultimate justice and virtue, you can watch this film Naandhi. This film is streaming on AHA, one of the largest Telugu OTT platforms streaming Telugu films, Telugu series, and talk shows.