In business, when you uncover a new market that you know would be responsive and beneficial for your product and service, you quickly run into the difficulty that advertising in that area is difficult to obtain. This is because most of the most significant newspapers are prohibitively expensive, and your advertisement may not appear for at least a few months.

Smart Circle international appeals to marketers because it requires the consumer to take action on their initiative without any other form of media. In addition, one of the advantages of this style of marketing is that it communicates with consumers directly. How many times have we been watching television and were prompted to take action by phoning a toll-free telephone number or visiting a website as a result of an advertisement? This component of direct marketing emphasizes getting a response from consumers, regardless of the media used or how the message is delivered to them. A primary reason why direct marketing is appealing to many marketers is that the beneficial effect can be measured directly. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this type of marketing strategy.

Direct marketing is appealing to many marketers because of the beneficial impact on their bottom line when done correctly. If, for example, a marketer sends out a million solicitations by mail, ten thousand clients may reply to the promotion and be identified as having taken advantage of it. The marketer gains from this are the ability to claim that the campaign was directly responsible for the responses.

The adverse outcomes, on the other hand, are more difficult to quantify. Because the number of recipients offended by the junk mail or spam cannot be determined, the results are ambiguous and inconclusive. As a result, it has been challenging to assess and evaluate responses and outcomes. While the marketer prefers this marketing method, certain direct marketing attempts have not been well received since they result in unwelcome solicitations from consumers. Most of the time, direct mail is irrelevant to the recipient and is seen as junk mail, similar to how undesired emails are perceived as spam.

Many marketing organizations have discovered that, while they may have started as direct marketing companies, they have had to expand to provide integrated marketing services. This diversification is mainly due to the decrease in funds and increased audience participation in recent years. This means that these companies may do more than just direct marketing services; they can also provide digital, events, and advertising services, to name a few examples of what they can provide.