A lot of people succumb to the social stigma that playing video games is a waste of time. But, for most gamers, it provides the solace they need to cope up with everything in their life. Dota 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is one of the popular irresistible games. Many players consider the game as what helped them to keep going.

Dota 2 kept the iconic heroes and gameplay of a groundbreaking Warcraft 3 custom game. It infused that with vitality and pioneered the legitimacy of competitive video gaming. It set the precedent for tournaments with enormous prize pools. Even though a great game, there are aspects that need improvement. A continual influx of newer, trendier things flashing around in the atmosphere will be a big help.

boosting MMR is one of the basics in Dota 2 that every player should know. Here are some fundamental principles and strategies that could help you.

  • Get the high ground

Occupying the high ground gives you two advantages. Better vision and 25% evasion against ranged attacks. Your opponents will not see you due to the fog of war, but you will be able to see them. Unless there is an Observer Ward, allied units, or certain abilities placed on the high ground. When a ranged hero attacks uphill, its attack has a 25% chance of missing.

  • Do not go solo

Make sure the target is not well-positioned if you plan to start a fight. A target separated from the team is ideal. Especially if it cannot receive immediate help from teammates. If you make the first move in the midst of an enemy team, be sure you have your team close by for assist. They should take advantage of your initiation and intervene right away. Going solo will let you catch only a few heroes and the others will counter-attack. This will cause your quick death. Plus, your long-duration-cooldown ultimate skill went to waste.


  • Divide and conquer

A great lineup has synchronized members that help each other. The key to destroying such a team is to identify and sever their critical links. It will be great if you can force the support heroes to use their abilities on themselves. If you cannot, at least keep them away from the rest of the team. Splitting enemies into groups can let you beat them with more ease.

  • Focused damage approach

Focus the team’s damage on one or two key targets. You will have a greater chance of bringing down the enemy hero before their team or they can react. Great teams decide matters like this ahead of time. Identify who the most important targets are and go after them.

Professional teams usually take a goal, such as a tower, after winning a fight. Then they go back to regenerate and farm even more. They know that their skills are on cooldown. Also, they know their enemies might respawn soon with full strength.