Crimcheck is a screening and background check that is required for applying for a job. They have provided services for all industries, such as Human Resources Management, accounting, construction, overseas workers, and more. The Crimcheck was implemented for the record of criminal searches, civil litigation, and pre-employment screening.

In this modernization, Crimcheck will be handling an online applicant link at for them to apply for criminal check records. They can also provide a text link to your participants or applicant onboarding. Professional Background Screening Association or NAPBS to allow them to perform employment and background screenings.

Why do you need a CrimCheck clearance?

CrimCheck is a not-for-profit organisation to provide National Criminal History Checks, however, here are the two reasons why you need a CrimCheck clearance, such as the following:

  • Police Check For Business

In running a business, HR department, or any administration it may be a hassle if more paperwork has to be done. But by providing a CrimCheck, all of your employees will not be a hassle to get their clearance. You may require a background check for your applicant’s onboarding to be secure and verification for every person. CrimCheck can assist you with phone calls and online verification tools. They also provide if you have overseas workers since CrimCheck has an agreement to cover all international court systems.

  • National Police Check

National Police Checks is a record of the criminal history for onboarding applicants and volunteer positions. The police checks are non-hassle in getting a clearance because they provide a quick phone call or online verification through CrimCheck. It is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission ACIC to take all the applicants and volunteers’ employment. Additionally, it’s a not-for-profit and the fees go back to the community, also by having the documents for you to get with your job search.

What are the steps for getting CrimCheck?

  • Self-Service For Individual Applications

The self-service portal is limited to 30 minutes applications and makes sure to have details such as a previous address, license #, and payment details.

  • Complete The Online Form – Fill up the online form step-by-step and it will take less than five minutes.
  • Provide The Additional Verification – Whether you choose for payments a credit or debit card and verification for your identity by uploading the valid I.D documents.
  • Receiving The Results

You will receive from your email the verification and results of your National Police Check within 24 hours.

How do verify and check the results?

You will enter all the details before seeing the result of checking your CrimCheck and fill out the following:

  • Check the Reference that was provided in your email or text.
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth