Thanksgiving day is one of the special days which will be celebrated along with all the family members. It is like a big get-together and no meetings or gatherings can be complete without a great lunch or breakfast or dinner with your family members. It would be soul filling to share your thoughts on the day especially with all your favourite food at your table. If you need some interesting combination to serve your people with, then try to prepare pumpkin spice margaritas for fall fun to make the food plate more special.

homemade pumpkin puree

There are lots of menus available traditionally for preparing it for the Thanksgiving day. You can follow the same or plan something new in addition to the traditional menu to make it more special. Read below to know what all foods you can prepare. They are as follows,

  • Roast turkey would be a good option to choose for a perfect menu. Crispy garlic added potatoes can also be added. Roasted sweet potatoes can also be made along with roasted cranberries. You can also add dinner rolls made by your favourite flour. Try to make all these by your hand if you think you could make it perfectly to be loved by your family members. Plan and schedule the time for each dish to make it ready for the dinner. You can also add pumpkin spice margaritas for fall fun to make the food plate look more attractive and tempting to eat.