Created by the top brands in accessories business, the designer jewelry items are unique miniature art works. Besides carrying the prestigious brand name, the pieces feature the precious metals & gemstones, special materials, and motifs and shapes. Most of them are designed by hand, adding to its appeal. The designer jewelry is accessible at the high-end department shops, jewelry stores, and at online store, if you are looking for some great designs visit

What does the designer jewelry entail?

Let us know with the basics first. The designer jewelry is crafted very carefully – and they are handcrafted – by the artisan jewelers, making use of quality precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

This is the meticulous process that involves attention to detail &precision. Every piece is very exclusively made by the particular brand, generally for the collection that follows the cohesive aesthetic over all the pieces.


Even though such elements are not always there, but they are the things that set the designer jewelry totally apart from the commercial sold jewelry and make the pieces a treasure.

Tips to select the best jewelry

  • Match your earrings as per your face type. Teardrop and chandelier earrings suit people with the heart-shaped, triangular, and round face shape. Women with the longer and thinner faces must consider studs or hoops whereas women with the square-shaped faces must choose circular earrings. The oval-shaped faces will look pretty in any kind of earrings.
  • Suppose your work involves using hands, then go for rings with the smooth surfaces, without any diamonds that may catch and engravings where dirt will get stuck.
  • Princess and matinée necklaces are highly versatile necklaces out there, falling between collarbone and bust at 45 – 65 cm long.
  • Want a choker? They’re on-trend. But, make sure you avoid pairing with the turtlenecks & experiment it with layering with the longer necklaces.

Elegant Designer Jewelry

No need to compromise if selecting the fine jewelry designer. There are many jewelers out there offering unique and elegant design at a very good price range. But, when it comes to selecting the best quality designer jewelry, make sure you look for the experienced jewelers working with the valuable jewelry. The fact is, the synthetic gemstones are quite impressive as the natural ones. Thus, make sure you keep these things in your mind when buying designer jewelry.