The bed offer you the guide of the mattress to understand the different types of comforts and technologies .Because your bed is without a doubt the most important piece of furniture in your home,  we have selected  the best bedding experts  to identify the mattress that will perfectly meet your expectations and your lifestyle.

Choosing a mattress is not trivial: the technologies are multiple, the materials used also and each type of mattress will meet a different need. That is why the purchase of a bed in our stores always takes place only after an interview with one of our bedding experts, in order to perfectly identify your needs.​

The quality of sleep is inseparable from the quality of life. And if it is estimated that 80% of the comfort of a bed rests on the mattress, it should not be forgotten that all the most comfortable mattress do not resemble each other and do not offer the same qualities and specificities of coating.Technologies and materials are constantly evolving, the height of the mattresses increases to meet the expectations of comfort, support and ergonomics. Choosing a mattress adapted to its needs and to its morphology, it is opting for a sleep of quality, regenerating and called to last.

The padding, one of the best mattressesis made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, horsehair or camel hair or wood fibers. The mattress is wrapped in a ticking, linen fabric, cotton or natural fibers with high absorption rate and guaranteeing summer and winter climate comfort and optimal bedding protection. So much to know and to take into consideration to choose your mattress.

most comfortable mattress

A mattress is also a very specific technology. Latex mattresses, spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses etc.  Discover in the rest of this guide the specifics of each type of mattress.  The latex is an elastic material that is found in two forms: natural, derived from the resin of the rubbery or synthetic, obtained by polymerization.The qualities of latex make it a mattress with extreme comfort. In addition to its active and resilient elastic characteristics, the latex mattress has great adaptability.

Ergonomic, it absorbs the contours of the body and ensures a perfect reception. Comfort zones, ranging from 3 to 7 areas, are a factor in decreasing pressure, which in turn causes poor blood circulation and induces people to turn and turn in bed during sleep. With a latex mattress, the risk of rupture in the sleep cycle is considerably reduced.Ultra-breathable material, latex provides maximum ventilation providing a feeling of warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Very durable, the latex mattress has a long life, of the order of 10 to 15 years, and keeps for a long time, without sagging, its qualities of comfort and firmness.

The latex mattress is ideal for people suffering from allergies (natural latex is anti-mite, it prevents colonization and development of mites), for sleepers in search of extreme ventilation and long-lasting comfort.

 In recent years, memory mattresses or visco-elastic mattresses have become popular. The memory foam is essentially made of polyurethane. It reacts in a few minutes to the heat of the body to conform to the shape, which provides a significant relaxation of the points of tension.