Richelieu Dennis started with a small business, but now he is helping the new generation founders in different ways. In 1987, he started his career as an entrepreneur. He sold the shea butter out of his college. After completing he started focusing on selling skincare products for the black consumers and made them feel like pretty queens. He worked under the brand name Sundial Brands. It’s come to popular and people who are making use of it started multiplying a massive number of times. This also gradually made him to become popular within a short time. During his rise, he lost his family member that let him understand how cruel everyone was. Even though he got disappointed with all these external factors, he never took anything inside his life.

How does he analyze his tactics?

Richelieu Dennis started his career on road by selling the products. That time he understood that the customers were not serviced in-store and he monitored how they were treated over there. He noticed everything keenly and started working towards it and he liked to change everything upside down. Even though he cannot do it completely he keeps on trying something over there.

Usually, the American was segregated using their skin tone. The process will be carried as like if one person enters in and walk in there that particular person would be isolated over there that too at back with poor lighting. There the assortments would be more horrible to tolerate. The Black women have to at least visit five different stores for getting their products for hair. There he wished to bring out the real change and that was the secret for his success. He branded a product and made every person feel light. His idea also was quite expressive that slowly started impressing the black people and them slowly started converting as the Dennis customers.