Bluehost first began offering hosting services to private and business customers way back in 1996, making them one of the longest standing and most reliable of all web hosts. They are a massive business hosting over 270,000 domain names from their Utah headquarters. Throughout the time Bluehost has been established, they’ve seen many competitors come and go; not just are they still accessible, but they bluehost vs dreamhost review are right at the very top of the industry.


Bluehost currently offers only one hosting plan. But this strategy is so feature-rich that it’s suitable for everybody, from a novice hosting a small personal site to a sizable business with multiple websites. This bluehost vs dreamhost review is a Linux program, so if you are looking for windows hosting, you will need to look elsewhere.

single hosting

For a full list of qualities, you should stop by the Bluehost site here. Below is an overview of the attributes that we consider most important:

Bandwidth – 3000GB/month – This is a tremendous amount of bandwidth, and 99.9percent of people will get nowhere near using it all up, even if they have several websites.

Disk space – 300GB – Again, far more than many will ever need, and right when you’ve got a large site that requires a great deal of storage for video, picture, and music files.

Unlimited domain names: This is a fantastic feature; it permits you to host millions of different websites at no charge. All your sites then share the bandwidth and disc space from your single hosting plan.

Dreamhost Advantages

The server provides more unique advantages and features for its clients yet. So, when a customer signs up for a hosting plan with Dreamhost, he would automatically be entitled to an increase in disk storage weekly!

The company has got mixed reviews and reviews; however, most of their testimonials reflect the reliability and professionalism given by the business. Customers signing up for Dreamhost would not be let down by the customer care either. Their interactive forum is precious for folks searching for hosting or business-related information, guidelines, and ideas.

Their single-click support is a favorite among many users as it facilitates the one-click setup of plug-ins such as WordPress. Having a bluehost vs dreamhost review service that’s reasonably priced and boasts of a satisfied client base, prospective customers need not be concerned about risking their commissions.