Now that autumn has arrived, a slight drop in temperature and humidity can be expected. Therefore, this is the perfect time to prepare our screen doors for fresh air and pest control. Read on for tips on buying and installing screen doors, and be sure of your comfort and relaxation this fall!

Screen door or storm door?

Although the terms screen and storm are used synonymously to describe the traditional screen door, there is a slight difference that you need to consider to make a better decision. Storm gates keep getting stronger to protect your front door from harsh weather conditions like high winds, rain, hail, and snow. They often have a metal or vinyl frame, sliding windows, and an additional screen inside. They are best used as insect repellents and let in the cool breeze.

Types of screen doors

Ensure you choose a screen door from traditional sliding and sliding. Traditional models fit directly into door openings and open outward. Since they are purely functional and essential, they are mainly used for rear and side doors; however, modern ones on the market are perfect for the entrance door.

Sliding models are a popular choice for entry doors because they work similarly to casement blinds. They are stored in the spring-loaded housing that fits on top of the door frame. It allows you to lower it when you want fresh air and then roll it up again when you’re done. Sliding doors are an excellent option for patio entrances with an outdoor side sliding walkway.

screen door

Set a budget

Once you decide which type you want, set a budget for yourself. It will help you filter and narrow down the number of options, making the selection process easier. It also makes it easy to stick to the price cap and doesn’t induce you to buy something you don’t need.

Always measure accurately

While door sizes are generally standard, it is important to measure and verify your dimensions before purchasing. Traditional models should be the same size as the door behind them. Most often, retractable models must match the dimensions of the exterior roof on which they are installed. The size of their panels should judge sliding deck models. It is best to discuss the recommended measurements for installing your screen door with a licensed contractor.

Correct installation

For models with sliding and sliding glass, installation may be a bit challenging. It can be masonry, drilling, cutting, laying the tracks, adjusting the ways, lifting weights, and more. Get installation instructions or hire a technician who can do the job correctly.