Life has always been hectic and tiring. But the recent pandemic that hit last year in 2020 has taken a toll on everyone’s life. Covid is one viral infection that can spread through contact to anyone and everyone. Covid can infect people of any age and gender. Ever since covid came it has made people change their life completely. People have to stay indoors to stay safe. People can no longer go outside and have to stay indoors for the safety and safety of their families. They have to do all their work from home and have to take their classes if they are studying from home. Now staying indoor for some time is still okay but after a time it can take a toll on a person.


Staying indoors can cause some effects on a person such as:

  • It may cause some sleep problems
  • It can lead to gaining of weight
  • It can lead to a decrease of vitamin d stores
  • One can get sick more often

  • A person can feel down
  • It can lead to increase anxiety and depression
  • It can lead to a poor immune system
  • It can lead to weakness of bone and muscles
  • It can affect one’s appetite

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