If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned car online, then you should be prepared to do a thorough checkup of the vehicle. Doing so will give you an assurance that there are no problems that you are not aware of. Remember that the value of the vehicle will depend on its overall condition. So if you do not really know what to check, then you might have to deal with problems that could have been avoided in the first place.

Inspect the Body

A clean car only means that the previous owner took good care of the vehicle. If there is rust, that means that car has been often exposed to rain. If you notice any discoloration, that means that the car has been repainted in the past or have been exposed to acid rain. You should also note for any visible scratches.

Open the Hood

Take the time to check what’s under the hood of the car. If you notice a welded or bolted frame, that means that the car has been in a front-end collision. If there are any scratch marks on the bolt heads, that could mean that the previous owner have already replaced or realigned the front panel.

Check What’s Underneath

If possible, you should check the car’s undercarriage for rust accumulation. You can do this if the dealer will allow you to bring the vehicle to a service center where you can have access to an inspection pit or a car lift.

Watch out for Tire Wears

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When checking the tires, all four corners should have even wear. If you notice uneven wear, that could mean that the tires have not been properly rotated. Also, this could be a sign of bad wheel alignment.

What’s Inside The Car

Once you are done with the exterior inspection, you can proceed with the interior. Take note of the smell. A flooded car will usually give out a unique smell. If you think that the smell is alright, then check for any lumps in the seats which can be another sign that the vehicle has been flooded. The seats should not have tears, rips, or stains that can result to a costly repair or cleaning.

Go For A Test Drive

A lot of car buyers might not know this, but when you buy used cars in raleigh, it is important that you ask the dealer if you can test drive the car first. This is one of the most important things to do, yet often neglected by car buyers.

These are the most basic things that you can check on your own when you come in to see the vehicle. If you need a deeper checkup with the car’s electrical components, then you can bring a trusted auto-electrician with you to verify if everything is working properly.