Are you moving to the new state and thinking how can you transport your precious car safely? There are various types of auto shipping available that you may select from based on the budget, timeline as well as preferences, for more details check out Car Shipping near me deals.

Open-air transport

The first type of auto shipping is the open-air transport that is a popular and affordable choice. In this particular mode, your auto will get loaded on the open trailer with many other vehicles & get transported to your desired destination. Though this mode is very cost-effective, your vehicle will get exposed to elements & potential damage from the road debris.

Enclosed transport

The second type is enclosed transport that is a little more expensive but gives better protection to the car. In this type of transport, your auto will be loaded in the covered trailer & transported to your desired destination. The enclosed transport is perfect for the high-end, classic, and exotic cars since it provides better protection and security from dirt, dust, and weather.

Car Shipping companies

Door-to-Door Transport

The next type of auto shipping is door-to-door auto transport, where a transport company picks up their car from the doorstep and delivers to your new place. This type is highly convenient but will be costly and will take much longer depending on the location & destination.

Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Another type of auto shipping is terminal-to-terminal car transport, where you can drop off your auto at the designated terminal, and transport company may deliver this to terminal nearest to your location. This type is very cost-effective but will need you to travel to terminal to drop off & pick up the car.

Final Words

Selecting the best mode of auto shipping depends on the timeline, budget, and preferences. Once you have chosen the right company, ensure you get the written agreement, which outlines the transport terms that includes the delivery date and cost.