According to the Child protection world organization, one of the major causes of death of children of age group between 2 to 14 years results from car accidents. Each day five kids in the United States lose their lives in the car crash. This disaster can only be prevented by choosing Maxi Cosi booster seats that usually prevent kids’ injuries when an accident occurs.

Most of these deaths could have been avoided if only the parents buy baby booster and have their kids secure on the seat throughout the journey. If you are a parent and always travel with your kid without a booster seat, just know your child is exposed to a higher risk of injury or even death. Once your child has outgrown their baby capsule or carrier, it is the right time to buy them a good baby booster seat. Check the following information to help you in choosing a good baby booster:

Baby booster is meant for older kids

You should note this before you buy a baby booster. If you a child that has already outgrown their car capsule seat, you should now look for a baby booster. Once you noticed that the harness doesn’t fit appropriately on the seat and the seatbelts have become smaller, you should now move your kid to a baby booster seat.

They pull the child up to perfect for the seatbelts

One of the benefits of using a booster seat is that it lifts the child to a higher height to fit on the seatbelt over the shoulder and lap. The National-Highway-Traffic-Safety recommends that every child be restrained properly on the booster seat that suits their age, height, and weight once they have outgrown the baby car seat.

Maxi Cosi booster seats

How to know when your child has outgrown the car seat

Most parents are unable to tell when their kids have outgrown their car carrier seat. So, some of the indications that will tell whether your kid has outgrown their baby car seat are; when the kids are positioned on top of the harness slot seat. Also, you can tell when the kid has reached the highest weight or height.

Guardians who always restrain their kids on the booster sear mostly use these seats inappropriately. Therefore, before you use the booster seat, please read the instructions provide on the manual guide so that you install it appropriately. You will prevent your kid from injuries in case of an accident. The study indicates th70%of the entire kids’ restrains usually used improperly.


Finally, it is your responsibility to ensure your kid is safe throughout the journey; therefore, look for Maxi Cosi booster seats for your child to prevent the dangers of injuries or death that may result after a car crash.