While being a paintball beginner is a lot of fun, it can also be overwhelming. Anyone who has never played before is likely to be terrified of being hit by a paintball for the first time because if any members of the other team are fully dressed out in gear, it will appear that shot is inevitable.

So, do you want to be a paintball pro but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the many things you need to learn, recognize, and master? Then don’t worry; here are the top five tactics that will help you play your best game and get the most from your paintball in Melbourne.

1.    Plan

It is essential to create a plan of attack or defense while working as a team; developing a strategy or game plan would give you a much greater chance of success. A well-thought-out strategy, like the rules and regulations, is critical to the team’s success.

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2.    Communicate

Communication with group members is one of the most effective strategies. As the old saying goes, there is no “I” in a group; you must discuss your strategy in each game zone to keep one step ahead of the opposition. This is particularly important when performing offensive maneuvers.

3.    Stay a Step Ahead

Analyze your surroundings regularly. As you walk through the game field, make a mental map of the area, noting where the enemy is, where they might move, what the best plan of action for you and your squad might be, and where the best place to escape to. The trick to winning paintball games is staying a step ahead of the opposition.

4.    Play It Cool

Keep yourself cool. When you get to a new place, take a breath and don’t give yourself up right away. Take a look at the game zone from your current vantage point to see if any enemies are nearby or if you can move to a better spot.

5.    Keep Moving

Standing still or remaining in the same position will draw attention, allowing the other team to maneuver around you. Don’t be afraid to move forward to a position where you can support your team; standing thirty yards from the front line will help no one, and you’ll be out of sight of the enemy.

It’s Your Time To Play Like A Pro!! 

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