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Mimicry Better Than The Original; That’s What Artificial Intelligence Is About- Clinc

Artificial intelligence is slowly and steadily encompassing all the possible fields. It is predicted that over a few years, there will be more machines working than human beings. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Just as the term suggests, it is the artificial incorporation of intelligence.  It means that the machines are coded…

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Clinc Conversational AI Is The Next Big Thing

Technological advancements have changed the way business communicates with users. Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a recent development that has enriched the user-interface process. It enables customers to experience human-like interactions with virtual assistants or chatboxes. Some Conversational AI solutions powered by Clinc are- Finie, IVR, Platform, etc. Benefits of Conversational AI- 24*7 Availability- The 24/7 accessibility…

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